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Website Development

WordPress Development, Hosting and Support

Wordpress Site Development, Hosting and Support
If your company is in need of its first website, or a replacement for that tired old site built in 2002 and no longer updated, then a custom Wordpress Powered website mmight be the perfect solution for your business.

WordPress has grown and evolved from simple blog software into one of the most popular and easy-to-use CMS’s (Content Management Systems) and marketing tools available, and is used to manage websites of all sizes around the World.

My Top 6 Reasons to choose WordPress:

1. WordPress is Free for both private and commercial use. This brings the costs associated with customizing and developing a new website down to a level even a small local business can afford. There is simply no reason for a company to not have a modern, professional-looking website with powerful free tools like WordPress available. All you are paying for is the expertise to install, set-up and customize your new site, which leaves more of your budget for Marketing!

2. Lower design costs and flexibility through the use of template themes. From the 1000’s of free templates available from to professional templates and custom design WordPress can be tailored to suit almost any taste and industry. In the past it was easy to spot a WP site as it had a ‘blog look’, but that is no longer the case. In fact, this site is powered by WordPress! See the bottom of this page for more examples of sites powered by WordPress.

3. WordPress is both scalable and extend-able through add-ons called “Plug-Ins”, of which there are thousands available (mainly free) which can add almost any feature or functionality, including photo galleries, secure sections and shopping carts which makes WordPress perfect for almost any sized company; from new start-ups to corporation. Your site can grow as your business does!

4. From an SEO perspective WordPress is in my opinion one of the best solutions for building a search-engine friendly website. In fact, my own experience shows that Google tends to favour websites built with WordPress. There are numerous plug-ins (add-on’s) available which provide complete control over all aspects of your site which can effect your optimization and rankings.

5. WordPress is amazingly simply to learn and makes it easy for even non-technical site owners to maintain their own websites. You can add ‘Specials’, update content on any page, add new pages and even upload images without having to call and pay your web developer every time.

6. While WordPress has grown to be a powerful CMS, blogging is still a core function and something it’s very good at. If you wish to add a blog to your website, WordPress makes it easy to add new articles and have complete control over how and where those articles are displayed.

If you would like to discuss moving your existing website over to the WordPress platform, or developing a brand new website using WordPress, Contact Me to arrange a convenient time. Please provide as much detail as possible about your current website, your industry and what you need to website to do.

Besides this site you are on right now, view more examples of sites powered by WordPress:

I provide complete WordPress packages, including hosting, software installation and updates, templates and modifications, and the refresh of existing sites and content. And of course marketing and SEO for your new site!

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